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Case Studies

Financing a new Medical Clinic

Dr Will Owen* had a successful career working for a variety of health institutions before he decided to take the plunge and start his own skin care clinic. Now classified as ‘self-employed’ and looking for 100% finance for a commercial property, Dr Owen faced some obvious challenges.

Working closely with Dr Owen, Bang On Investments helped him secure his loan and establish his successful clinic.

Real solutions for real people

The Casses*, two doctors from Sydney, had recently changed their employment status, which consequently damaged their chance of receiving a loan from the bank they had been loyal to for many years… in fact, they applied for a loan and were rejected.

Bang On Investments worked with the Casses to better understand their situation and design a solution that would effectively set them on the path to achieving all of their personal and professional goals.

Do car dealers offer the best finance?

Many motor vehicle purchasers think it is easy and still cost-effective to accept the finance offered by the dealer, but a little extra work can save a lot of extra dollars.

Bang On Investments worked with Dr Paul Hill* to save him time and money by finding competitive motor vehicle finance that had him on the road in no time!

* Names changed for privacy reasons.

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