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Home Loans

With access to more than 25 lenders and a tailored approach for every client, we can help you achieve your unique vision.

At Bang On Investments, we have learned no two home loans are exactly the same…

Why? Because no two home owners are exactly the same.

Securing your home loan with Bang On Investments might feel a little different than it does with other brokers.

For us, designing your solution starts with getting to know you: understanding your current situation, seeing your future vision, and defining the gap in between. Armed with that knowledge, we draw on our expertise and our extensive network to define a package that gets you from ‘here’ to ‘there’, faster.

The most important step in securing your home loan is knowing what you want and what you need, comprehensively. We know the right questions to ask to develop a thorough brief of your requirements, and we are committed to taking the time to ask them.

We draw on the insights you provide, your goal and your vision, to identify obstacles and overcome them, to carefully select the right lenders for you, and to tailor your package so it is always moving you closer to your vision.

In addition to our personal service and unique solutions, what do we offer clients seeking a home loan?

We offer:

  1. Custom-designed investment property home loans that enable you to build a robust portfolio.
  2. Home loans structured to maximise your accountant’s tax strategies.
  3. For clients with a property portfolio (depending on available equity), reduced risk due to each security being structured as stand-alone.
  4. Low doc home loans using 12 months BAS statements.
  5. Cash out using residential security.
  6. For professional clients, including those in specific legal, accounting or medical fields, Lenders Mortgage Insurance can be waived up to an LVR of 90%.

If you don’t see what you need, or you’re looking for someone who can walk you step-by-step through the home loan process, please reach out to one of our home loan experts.

* Please note that every client’s situation is unique and terms and conditions apply. Contact us to initiate a full application assessment for you to determine an outcome.

Ready to turn your vision into reality?

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